Sake Week 2023
3. Okt, 18 - 19:30 Uhr

Angels‘ Share Cocktailbar – Sake Tasting

Angels' Share
Feldbergstr. 51, 4047 Basel, Schweiz

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Despite the minimalist brewing ingredients (rice and water), sake offers a surprising variety of flavors: from tropical fruits to grains to lactic notes. Some sakes are dry, others rich, and still others subtly tart! In this tasting, sake sommelier Janina Bültmann gives us our first glimpse into the diversity of sake. We devote ourselves to the ingredients, the brewing process and the resulting recommendations for enjoyment, pairing, consumption and storage! Janina’s fascination with sake came from a serendipitous encounter with a bottle of Tsuki no Katsura in 2018. Entranced by the taste, she attended the first tastings and quickly realized that the world of sake holds wonderful and surprising notes. In March 2022, she successfully participated in the WSET Level 3 in Sake. Janina is particularly fascinated by exotics with funky flavors and lively namazakes. However, she also enjoys drinking a classic Honjozo.

Preis: 45 €
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